Skin Restoration---Vitamin C 50mg

                      VC 50mg  / 10 Biotablet per blister,   2mLx10   0.7FL. OZ.
VC 50mg / 10 Biotablet per blister,
2mLx10   0.7FL. OZ.
[Pure Vitamin C Concentrate]
VC 50mg Biotablet results in a powerful anti-oxidant to fight sun damaged and
prematurely aging skin. Stimulates collagen production to illuminate a dulling
complexion as it delays diminishing skin tone.
Excellent treatment for skin discoloration and re-texturizes the skin.

           Vitamin C(Ascorbic Acid), Pullulan, Polysorbate 80,
           Tocopheryl Acetate


          Improve the complexion, light and bright the skin

          Applicable to all skin type

          Follow the Norm of
          Q/DX RMS019

          Date of minimum durability
          2 years    

              Within the 1st week of using 
          Improve the complexion, light and bright the skin.

             After 4 weeks of using
         Dilute 30% stain effectively 
         Brighten the skin, improve the sallow complexion
 Vitamin C Freeze-Dried Form Preparation.pdf
 Vitamin C Certification of analysis.pdf
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